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[edit] World's Strongest

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Japanese Name: The World's Strongest Man

Off in an icey landscape in the mountains, Piccolo is training alone. Not far off Gohan and Oolong are also in the mountains as Oolong had noticed that the Dragon Balls seemed to be gathering together and he wants to make another wish. On the radar they notice that all seven have gathered, and not far off an elderly man has summoned Shenlong. The man wishes that Shenlong melts the ice surrounding a laboratory where his mentor, Dr Wheelo, has been trapped. The wish is granted and Shenlong and the Dragon Balls disappear. Gohan and Oolong spot the laboratory, but before they can decide what to do next they are attacked by a group of short monsters. Piccolo steps in to help them, as Gohan passes out, Piccolo is attacked by three bigger monsters and absorbed within a bright light. When Gohan wakes up he and Oolong wonder where Piccolo went and head home, Oolong makes Gohan promise to not tell anyone they came out to the mountains or what happened.

Back at Goku's house, ChiChi is causing a fuss that Gohan was missing for three days and hasn't told them where he was. Gohan is studying in his room and wonders where Piccolo has disappeared to. Back at Kame House, Oolong is being punished by Bulma for breaking her Dragon Radar when the same monsters that attacked Gohan and Oolong in the mountains arrive, demanding to see Master Roshi. They explain that Dr Wheelo wants to see Master Roshi and demand he go with them. The eldery man who summoned Shenlong earlier is impressed with Master Roshi's skills, saying it is to be expected of the strongest man in the world and has his monsters take Bulma as a hostage to persuade Master Roshi to go with him.

Oolong goes to tell Goku about what happened and has to tell Goku and ChiChi about how Gohan and he were in the mountains. Goku heads out on Nimbus to see if he can help, with Gohan being told to stay home by ChiChi.

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In the mountains at Dr Wheelo's laboratory, Master Roshi is forced to fight three monsters to test if he really is the strongest man in the world. They're disappointed that the monsters are able to take him out without much trouble, Bulma tells them that Master Roshi isn't the strongest fighter in the world anymore. It's then that the elderly man is called Dr Kochin and that he and Dr Wheelo's body was destroyed in an avalanche, but his brain survived. Bulma tells them that Goku is the strongest fighter in the world, Dr Wheelo wants to meet him so that he can combine his strong mind with Goku's strong body so that they can rule the world.

Elsewhere, Gohan has left the house to help Goku, against his mothers wishes. Goku arrives at the laboratory and learns that Master Roshi and Bulma are inside. Before Goku can go in he Dr Wheelo has his three monsters that fought Master Roshi to deal with Goku and not let him inside. He manages to make it inside the laboratory but is frozen into a block of ice, before the monster can kill Goku, Gohan and Krillin arrive to help. Goku manages to escape the block of ice using his Kaio Ken and takes out the remaining monsters. Dr Wheelo is impressed with Goku's strength, Goku, Gohan and Krillin head deeper into the laboratory looking for Master Roshi and Bulma, they soon find Bulma but can't release her as she is trapped within a forcefield. Dr Kochin and Dr Wheelo explain to them their plans for world domination and how Dr Kochin was able to keep Dr Wheelo's brain alive. They trap Goku within a similar beam of light like they did with Piccolo, Gohan tries to help but before they can attack Piccolo appears. Goku is able to escape the beam of light with his strength and sees Piccolo and senses something is wrong with him. Piccolo, under Dr Wheelo's control, attacks Goku, whilst Krillin tries to set Bulma free. Gohan pleads with Piccolo to stop but it is no use, he becomes enraged at what's happened and releases his anger, causing the laboratory to start to collapse and machinery to break. Dr Wheelo loses his control over Piccolo, and Bulma is set free by Krillin and Master Roshi. Dr Wheelo sets himself free from the wall, his brain incased within the shell of a robot, killing Dr Kochin in the process. Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, Master Roshi and Krillin are forced to now fight Dr Wheelo. The robot is quite strong, even withstanding a Kamehameha formed by Goku, Krillin and Master Roshi, once he attacks he is able to knock out both Krillin and Master Roshi. Using his Kaio Ken, Goku is able to overwhelm Dr Wheelo with a Kamehameha and blast him into space, but he's still not destroyed. Dr Wheelo realises Goku is too strong, so makes a plan to travel to another planet, but not before destroying the Earth. Goku collects energy to form a Spirit Bomb whilst the others make their escape. Soon enough he has gathered enough energy, but before he can throw the Spirit Bomb, Dr Wheelo attacks. Gohan flies up to Dr Wheelo with Piccolo and Krillin and attack, giving Goku the oppurtunity to throw the Spirit Bomb and destroy Dr Wheelo, with Dr Wheelo dead, his laboratory also explodes.

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