[edit] Character description

Tora is a fictional character from Dragonball Z.

Tora is a Saiyan who is part of Bardock's team. He is on of the tallest members of his team. And his best friend is Bardock.

[edit] Plot involvement

Tora is first seen along with the rest of his squad on Planet Kanassa, on this Planet, Bardock is attacked by the last surviving Kanassan who also gives Bardock the ability 'Divination' after the Kanassan attacks Bardock, Tora kills him.

After this the rest of Bardock team except Bardock, who is left behind to recover. Head towards Planet Meat as this is their next assignment, unaware that it was a set up and they were ambushed by Dodoria's Elite. Dodoria informs Tora of Freiza's plans to destroy all the Saiyan's and then sends Tora down with a brutal punch to the face. Before dying of his wounds Tora informs Bardock who later arrives of Freiza's plans and how he is scared of the Saiyan's. Tora eventually dies in his best friends arms.

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