The Path to Power

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[edit] The Path to Power

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Japanese Name: The Path to Ultimate Strength

This movie is essentially a recap of the beginning of Dragon Ball, up to the end of the Red Ribbon Army Saga.

Goku is fishing at the lake and catchs a large fish to eat. Just as he is dragging it home he is almost run over by a car driven by Bulma. Goku assumes that she is after his food and throws Bulma, and the car, away, ready to fight them. Bulma shoots him but is frightened to see it doesn't kill him, she explains to him she isn't a goblin, but a human girl. Goku remembers his Grandpa telling him that he should be nice to girls, but he can't understand why she hasn't got a tail.

Bulma follows Goku back to his house and sees the Dragon Ball he has, which Goku is keeping as a momento of his Grandpa. She shows him that she has two other Dragon Balls too and explains the legend behind them. She intends to wish for a nice boyfriend when she gets all seven Dragon Balls, but Goku refuses to hand over his Dragon Ball. She tries to pursuade him but he's not interested, however he does agree to help her collect the others, Bulma neglects to tell him that once teh wish is granted the Dragon Balls will spread across the Earth. The swap names, Goku finds Bulma's name hilarious, and the two head out on a morotbike Bulma produced from a capsule.

The reach the desert plains when they are spotted by a bandit and his friend - Yamcha and Puar. Bulma and Goku run into a shapeshifting monster, however he seems quite weak. Before he can make his escape he changes back into his natural form - Oolong. Just then, a rocket fires and along comes Yamcha and he demands they hand over their money and capsules. Oolong recognises Puar as they used to go to Transformation School together. Goku refuses to hand over their money and capsules to Yamcha, so the two fight. But before they get very far, Yamcha sees Bulma and he retreats with Puar, as Yamcha is afraid of girls.

Goku and Bulma go on their way, dragging Oolong with them as he is the only one with any car capsules and their bike was broken in the fighting. In a meadow they find the one-star Dragon Ball, and head out on their way again. The come across a large tower where the Dragon Ball is being kept and are attacked by an army when they come close. A voice speaks from the tower and demands they hand over their Dragon Balls, Bulma recognizes them as the Red Ribbon Army who are reknowned for their cruel methods. Bulma refuses to hand over their Dragon Balls and has Goku deal with the army, with relative ease. He heads inside the tower where he comes across a large robot in the shape of a man called Metallic. He easily disposes of him and makes his way to the top of the tower. There he runs into Android 8 who is ordered to deal with Goku. However the Android refuses to kill Goku. The General says if he doesn't kill Goku he will activate the bomb inside him, but still he refuses to kill Goku. Before the General is able to destroy him, Goku attacks and breaks the remote control that he was going to use to activate the bomb. Android 8 and Goku head outside and Goku decides to call Android 8 as Ha-chan it is easier to say than his old name. Goku is ready to leave with Bulma and Oolong, and Ha-chan says he will stay behind to take the Red Ribbon army to the authorities.

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They head on their way in search of their next Dragon Ball when they nearly run over a turtle. They get out to see the turtle, named Umigame, who explains that he is lost and is looking for the ocean. They decide to take him with them and drop him off at the ocean. Umigame tells them to wait at the beach and he will bring them back a gift in the morning. The night passes and morning arrives, and as promised, Umigame arrives with his gift. He's not along as he has brought Master Roshi with him. He notices the Nyoibo Goku has and Goku explains that his grandpa gave it to him. It turns out that Master Roshi trained Goku's grandpa in the past, he then presents his gift - Kinto'un, a cloud that can fly, and only be ridden by those of a pure heart. Goku is the only one who is actually able to stand on it. Bulma then spots that Master Roshi has a Dragon Ball with him. Not far away, Yamcha and Puar are watching them. Master Roshi agrees to hand over the Dragon Ball, but only if he can see Bulma's pants, which Bulma actually agrees to, although, unknown to her she wasn't actually wearing any. Out of nowhere, they are attack by the Red Ribbon army's naval fleet so they all run and hide. Master Roshi takes it upon himself to deal with them using a special move called the Kamehameha. the attack is devastating, and enough to disable the whole fleet, until they bring out submarines. Master Roshi is unable to perform the move a second time as he already used his energy to perform the first one. Goku attempts to copy the Kamehameha and is successful, taking out all the submarines. Before they can celebrate, some more of the army show up, along with General Blue and take their Dragon Balls, aswell as taking Bulma, Oolong, Master Roshi, Yamcha and Puar hostage.

Goku wakes up from being knocked out by a rocket on the beach and finds he is alone. He finds the Dragon Radar left on the beach and is picking up a signal for a collection of Dragon Balls.

Far off, Colonel Blue present the Dragon Balls he stole from Bulma to Commander Red. However, he missed one Dragon Ball on the beach, so Red has Blue executed.

Riding on Kinto'un, Goku makes his way towards the Dragon Balls signal, being chased by the Red Ribbon armys air and ground defences for most of the way. Meanwhile, Bulma and the others make their escape by having Oolong transform into a key. As Goku infiltrates the island it begins to crumble from the force of his attacks against the army. Goku manages to meet up with Bulma and the others, and they spot Red and Black trying to make their escape with the Dragon Balls. Red regrets being so close to making his wish to become taller, when Black hears that this is the wish he has been working for all this time, he kills Red. Black makes his escape in a giant robot and attacks the surrounding area causing Goku to act. He takes on the robot, pleading with him to stop destroying everything. However he refuses to listen so Goku is forced to fight, his attacks do little to stop the giant robot. Just as Black is about to kill Goku, Ha-chan steps in to stop him. The robot is still able to move after Ha-chan interveened, forcing Ha-chan to fight against the robot further. Despite his efforts, Ha-chan is destroyed by Black. As Goku sees what has happened to Ha-chan he becomes greatly saddened, then enraged, letting his anger explode into a Kamehameha. This time the beam is strong enough to engulf the robot and Black, killing him.

They summon Shenlong, now that they have all the Dragon Balls. Goku asks Shenlong to turn Ha-chan back to how he was, but remove the bomb from inside him, which Shenlong grants for him.

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