The History of Trunks

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[edit] The History of Trunks

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The History of Trunks is an hour long TV special aired originally during the original run of Dragonball Z. It was placed between episodes 174 and 175 in Dragonball Z. It is about the mysterious boy from the future, Trunks. It retells his story of the bleak future that was to come involving the Androids and what they would do to the Z Fighters. These are the events that led up to Trunks returning to the past to stop the Androids from coming and to give the Earth a chance. In Japan it is known as "Defiance in the Face of Despair!! The Remaining Superwarriors - Gohan and Trunks"

Japanese Name: Defiance in the Face of Despair!! The Remaining Superwarriors - Gohan and Trunks

Everyone has gathered outside of Goku's house, Goku has died as a result of a deadly heart virus. Shortly after, two deadly Androids, Android 17 and 18, appear and all the Z Fighters die fighting them, the only survivor is Gohan.

Thirteen years have passed since then and still the Androids are terrorising the earth, the military has been completely destroyed. Not too far away, Bulma and Trunks are dirving home, hearing about the recent attack on the radio. Trunks wants to go and fight the Androids and runs off alone to Peppertown, where the Androids currently are. However, Trunks arrives too late, the town is already in ruins and the Androids have left. Moments later, Gohan arrives and goes back home with Trunks to the Capsule Corp. Trunks is destraught at the state the earth is in and asks Gohan to help him get stronger so he can help. Gohan stays at the Capsule Corp for dinner and tells Gohan he's heard stories about his trying to fight the Androids, mentioning she doesn't want Trunks to copy him.

Ignoring Bulma's words, Gohan takes Trunks away for training, trying to get Trunks to be able to transform into a Super Saiyan.

Another day begins and the Androids have arrived at an amusement park. Gohan and Trunks arrive soon after to face them, Gohan tells Trunks to stay back whilst he fights with Android 17. However, Android 18 quickly joins in so they can get rid of Gohan quickly, forcing Trunks to step in as well. Trunks quickly becomes injured, forcing Gohan and him to hide from the Androids. As a result of not being able to find them, Android 18 decides to simple destroy the entire area instead. Assuming they are probably dead, the two Androids fly off. Gohan and Trunks do survive the explosion, but Gohan loses an arm in the process, he gives Trunks the last Senzu Bean and then passes out.

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Trunks takes Gohan back to the Capsule Corp for treatment. Whilst he is healing, Bulma tells them the Time Machine she has been working on has nearly finished, and that she knows Trunks has been joining Gohan in his fights with the Androids.

Time passes, and Gohan has healed up and is back to training Trunks, believing he is the last hope the Earth has now. As they rest from training, the Androids arrive at a nearby city, Trunks pleads with Gohan to let him go fight with him, but Gohan knocks him out and goes alone. The Androids are suprised to see Gohan alive, and decide this time they really will kill him. Gohan battles fiercly against the two Androids, even with only one arm. Despite his efforts, the Androids overpower and kill him.

Elsewhere, Trunks has woken up and heads down to teh city, realising he can't feel Gohan's ki anymore. He searches the city and comes across Gohan's body, the despair and rage Trunks feels at Gohan's death is enough to finally transform him into a Super Saiyan...

Three more years pass and Bulma has nearly finished charging the Time Machine. However, Trunks thinks he is strong enough now to defeat the Androids without needing to go to the past. It's then that they hear on the radio that the Androids are attacking a town close by, and Trunks heads off to fight them. When he arrives, the city is destroyed but the Androids are still there. He challenges the Androids, but is still no match for them, despite how much he has trained in the past three years. Trunks soon begins to realise how out of his depth he is, as the Androids fight back and overwelm him completely and leave him for dead.

Trunks awakes after sleeping for five days back at the Capsule Corp, he tells Bulma how once he is healed he will be ready to go back in time. He looks forward to meeting Gohan's father, and Vegeta too. Time passes and Trunks is ready to leave, Bulma gives Trunks the medicene that will heal Goku when his heart virus hits. Trunks boards the time machine and disappears, heading for 20 years in the past...

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