Super Android 13

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[edit] Super Android 13

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Japanese Name: Utmost Limits of Battle!! The Three Super Saiyajin

As this story opens, Android 17 and 18 have awakened in Dr. Gero’s laboratory and killed him. But unbeknownst to his killers, Dr. Gero still has a super computer operating secretly beneath the lab to continue working towards his goal to create the ultimate android, and there are three models in particular being worked on deep in the darkness...

Elsewhere, Oolong, Krillin and Master Roshi are the only ones waiting in an early queue for a beauty pageant, but when they get bored and decide to take an early peek into the dressing rooms, they leave Trunks all his own to save their “place in line”. Goku and Gohan meanwhile have been forced to go on a rather dangerous clothes-shopping trip with Chi-Chi.

There is a sudden disturbance in a nearby as two strange figures are walking through the city and wrecking anything that gets in their way. It appears they are making their way towards Goku, who is sitting at a building top floor with his family, along with Krillin and the others who have since discovered that they were actually waiting for the pageant a day early.

The two villains obliterate the top floor of the building with a ball of energy, but the Z Fighters are luckily quick enough to save all the innocent people. Goku is then immediately confronted by the two figures and demands to know who they are. However, he realises from seeing the Red Ribbon logos on their clothing that they must both be Androids. A fight ensues, but Goku is unable to defeat both of them by himself. Trunks arrives to help him, and the two of them fly off to lure the Androids away from the city, followed also by Gohan and Krillin.

Back at Dr. Gero’s lab, the final Android of the three, 13, awakens from his capsule as well. Meanwhile, Goku and Trunks have arrived at a frozen Iceland part of Earth, and are continuing to have some difficulty with fighting Androids 14 and 15. They are eventually joined by Android 13, who taunts Trunks and then goes one-on-one in a battle against Goku. Trunks is beaten quite badly now that he is forced to fight Android 14 and 15 alone, but fortunately, Vegeta shows up to even the odds.

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Now there are three Saiyans battling an Android each, but it still seems like it is the mechanical monsters that have the upper hand. Suddenly, Vegeta, Trunks and Goku all transform into Super Saiyans to fight back against the Androids. Gohan is desperate to help his father, and fires an energy ball at an unguarded Android 13 to try and cause a diversion. The Android however is unharmed, and fires a returning attack straight at Gohan, which is luckily deflected by Piccolo who arrives at the scene.

Meanwhile, Vegeta hits Android 15 with one last attack, which eventually causes the Android to malfunction and explode after Vegeta powers down following the assault. Trunks also returns to his normal state, but was able to slice Android 14 with his sword and destroy him as well. Android 13 seems quite shocked that his partners have been defeated and he has now been left outnumbered, but as he smirks something strange begins to happen. Parts from the wreckage of 14 and 15 suddenly take flight into the air and automatically merge themselves into 13. From this merger, 13 suddenly transforms into a blue, bulky and much more powerful form; Super Android 13...

Vegeta wastes no time in rushing in to attack, but his fury of punches cannot even lay a scratch on the unfazed Android, and he and Trunks are knocked out by two of Super 13’s deadly energy attacks. Piccolo suffers the same onslaught, leaving Goku to fight alone. Super 13 is unaffected by Goku’s attack as well, and upon badly beating his opponent begins to go in for the kill, as his programming had commanded him to do. Goku is suddenly sent flying into the icy sea, and after Krillin is knocked out from an attack as well; Gohan is left all alone to face the Super Android 13.

There is rejoice however when Goku eventually emerges from the sea summoning a Spirit Bomb technique. Trunks and Vegeta do whatever they can to buy Goku more time to complete his attack, and Piccolo manages to deflect one of Super 13’s energy balls to save the Spirit Bomb from being destroyed. As the Spirit Bomb is finally completed, Goku merges it himself to reach a level of Super Saiyan strength that finally destroys Super Android 13 once and for all...

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