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[edit] Dragon Ball

The Dragon Ball manga began it's run in 1984, the second of Akira Toriyama's major work having finished his first major series, Dr Slump, in the same year. The series finished 11 years later in 1995, spanning a total of 42 graphic novels. In the English language release of the manga, the decision was made to split the 42 volumes into two different releases, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, to coincide with the split in the anime series. Of the 42 volumes, Dragon Ball covers volumes 1 - 16. The re-release of the manga in Japan 2002, usually refered to as kanzenban, had slightly more chapters per volume, so the Dragon Ball sagas were collected in volumes 1 - 13.

[edit] Dragon Ball Z

In 1989 the Dragon Ball manga crossed over into what would be known as the stories that made up the Dragon Ball Z anime. Whilst in Japan the manga was still called Dragon Ball, the English language release split the releases in two, one series to cover the events of Dragon Ball, and the other to cover the events of Dragon Ball Z. The second half of the divide covered 26 volumes (volumes 17 - 42 of the Japanese release) until the series ended with the final volume in 1995. In 2002, the Dragon Ball manga was re-released in Japan with slightly corrected artwork and even a slightly altered ending drawn by Akira Toriyama! As there were slightly more chapters per volume, the Dragon Ball Z sagas were collected in volumes 14 - 34.

[edit] Neko Majin

Neko Majin is a manga series related to Dragon Ball as characters from Dragon Ball feature within this manga series.

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