Ledgic also known as "general ledgic" is a fictional character from Dragonball GT. Ledgic is the personal body gaurd of Don kee rule of planet imeka. Ledgic is not an imekian and does not state where he is from.he first appears in "most wanted list" in dragonball GT.

Ledgic has a tail and wears a blue exercising atire with a red hood..he has bluish-green skin with black spots and cups above his ears for better hearing. And he has ejectable bones on his shoulders and at the bottom of each hand of his hood which he can turn into weapons such as Swords,spears and daggers which he can use while fighting

After goku,trunks and pan stole back their space ship,chito and gail confronted them shooting a powerfull fusion ki blast at goku and trunks. But goku fires his own ki blast which easily over powers chito's and gail's and goes flying towards ledgic who basicly slaps it away with ease.

Pan,trunks and goku than decide to stop running from the police on imeka,and face Lord Don Kee at his royal palace.after don kee tries to kill them with missiles,and rocket launchers but is later suprised that his weapons didnt even scretch them.ledgic appears and states that convensional weapons wont hurt worriors like these. Enraged don kee orders ledgic to kill them but refuses so don kee pleeds and ledgic agrees but only for his personal pleasure.

Trunks sensing ledgic's power tries a sneak attack on him but ledgic easily punches trunks in the stomach sending him flying at the roof,bouncing off and slaming on the floor. Goku than tells trunks that he will take on ledgic alone.ledgic exchange blows but he later overpowers goku and tell goku to show him his true power. So goku transforms into a super saiyan and quickly gains power over ledgic. As a last resort ledgic fires a mega ki blast at goku and goku fires his kamehameha and sends ledgic smashing into lord don kee's palace.

The battle is over and ledgic tells goku that his a very special child.but goku replies by saying "im not a child i wouldnt have beaten you if i was" ledgic stands up and walks towards goku and say that next time they meet he will be victorious and walks away.

And thats the last time ledgic is seen (brokulssj)

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