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[edit] Character Description

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King Cold is a fictional character from Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT.

King Kold is the father of Frieza and Cooler, it is clear he does possess some kind of power but what his exact role in Frieza's empire is, is unknown. Although his motives are similar to that of his son.

[edit] Plot Involvement

King Cold

Main Plot Summary

King Cold is introduced as Frieza's father. He appears shortly after Frieza is defeated by Goku, and he orders his scientists to re-build Frieza as a Cyborg from the remains found in space. With Frieza saved from the brink of death, the two venture to Earth in hopes of finding and killing Goku. Once arriving though, two duo is confronted by Future Trunks, who easily defeats Frieza. King Cold offers Trunks a spot at his side so they can rule the world together, but Trunks refuses and dispatches of King Cold moments later. In the 5th Dragonball Z movie: Cooler's Revenge, a second son of King Cold's is introduced, Cooler.

[edit] Dragonball Z

Garlic Jr., Trunks, & Androids Sagas

King Kold retrieves the remains of Frieza's body and has engineers restore his missing body parts with cybernetic parts, and accompanies his son to Planet Earth. Once the arrive on Earth King Kold is suprised to see a youth trying to appose them, and even be able to cut through Frieza's soldiers with ease. Once the youth has killed Frieza too and displayed his strength, King Kold offers for him to join up with him in place of his son and rule the universe together. However, the boy rejects the offer and kills King Kold aswell.

[edit] Dragonball GT

Super Android 17 Saga

King Kold is seen again briefly in this Saga escaping from Hell, quite what he gets up to is unknown but he is eventually sent back down to Hell with everyone else who escaped.

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