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[edit] Character Description

Janemba is a fictional character from Dragonball Z. He appears exclusively in the 12th movie: Fusion Reborn, making him a non canon character.

[edit] Plot Involvement


When a machine in Other World that cleanse souls of their sins overloaded, the dark energy took control of a young ogre and manifested into the evil warrior known as Janemba. The creation of Janemba caused the order in the Other World to become disrupted. King Yemma lost control of this, and as a result, was locked inside a barrier, along with the entire check-in station. Goku and Pikkon come to check out the situation, and as Goku encounters Janemba, Pikkon begins to curse at the barrier that engulfed the check-in station, causing it to eventually crack.

Meanwhile, Goku fights Janemba. However, Goku is no match for the weird creature, as he is seen demonstrating rather unique skills, which Goku cannot compete with. Eventually, it takes Goku's best effort, Super Saiyan 3, to seemingly defeat Janemba. But right when Goku thought he had eliminated yet another threat, a weird transformation occurs, and Janemba transforms into a much thinner, demonic looking creature. Goku fights the new Janemba incarnation, but despite his best efforts, comes up short as Janemba uses all sorts of unique abilities to topple the Saiyan. Vegeta appears to help out, but he is also defeated after a brief fight.

Goku and Vegeta then decide to use the Fusion Dance technique, but due to Vegeta making a mistake, the fusion botches, and a fat warrior named Veku appears. Miraculously, Veku survives Janemba's onslaught, and with the help of Pikkon, who stalls Janemba, the two fuse again, this time successfully in order to form Gogeta. The fused Saiyan quickly overwhelms Janemba, and uses his signature technique to filter out the negative energy that made up his being, and the pshyche ogre that made up the base for Janemba, re-appears.

[edit] Appearance

In his first form, Janemba looks like a massive, clumsy, yellow creature. After being defeated at the hands of Goku, Janemba transforms, this time in a sinister looking, demonic form.

[edit] Abilities

Janemba, in both forms, can use a wide variety of unique skills and abilities. In his first form for example, he is seen creating copies of Goku, countering his Kamehameha attack. He can also move throughout dimensions, this skill was demonstrated in both forms. Furthermore, Janemba can use a magical sword, which is formed out of a club. This sword is incredibly powerful as even Super Saiyan 3 Goku fell to it, despite the fact that Goku has been training hard after the fight with Kid Buu.

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