Great Saiyaman Saga

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[edit] Great Saiyaman & World Tournament Sagas

Great Saiyaman Saga follows after the Cell Games Saga, in which Goku dies while trying to save the world, and Gohan takes on the role of the protector of Earth. It deals with the Other World tournament, and Gohan's adventures as the masked hero, the Great Saiyaman.

Seven years of peace have passed since the defeat of the monstrous Cell, and the Z-Fighters have enjoyed a return to normal life. Goku has eagerly continued his training in Other World, Krillin has gotten married, and Gohan has renewed his scholarly pursuits while attempting to navigate the pitfalls of high school. Two fresh new Saiyan faces have also appeared on the scene-Goku's son Goten, and Vegeta's son Trunks!

Now, the time has come for the Z-Fighters to reunite, as the new World Martial Arts Tournament is set to begin. The greatest warriors on Earth have come together for their chance to capture the title of the reigning champion, Mr. Satan-but begind the scenes, sinister forces are at work. An evil eye watches the competitors' every move, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. The action grows fierce on the tournament floor, but for the Z-Fighters, the real fight is only just beginning!

-Dragonball Z Season Seven Box Description

Episodes 195-199 Episodes 200-204 Episodes 205-209 Episodes 210-214 Episodes 215-219
195. Warriors of the Dead
E 195 04.jpg
200. Gohan Goes to High School 205. I'll Fight Too! 210. The World Tournament
E 210 02.jpg
215. Forfeit of Piccolo
E 215 02.jpg
196. Tournament Begins
E 196 01.jpg
201. I am Saiyaman! 206. The Newest Super Saiyan 211. Trunks vs. Goten
E 211 03.jpg
216. A Dark and Secret Power
E 216 02.jpg
197. Water Fight
E 197 02.jpg
202. Gohan's First Date 207. Take Flight, Videl 212. Best of the Boys
E 212 04.jpg
217. Videl Is Crushed
E 217 03.jpg
198. Final Round 203. Rescue Videl 208. Gather for the Tournament 213. Big Trouble, Little Trunks
E 213 01.jpg
218. Identities Revealed
E 218 01.jpg
199. Goku vs. Pikkon 204. Blackmail 209. Camera Shy 214. Who Will Fight Who?
E 214 02.jpg
219. Energy Drain
E 219 01.jpg
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