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Dragon Ball Z was released in Japan in 1989, soon after the ending of the original series, Dragon Ball. The series ended in 1996 in all of Japan. In 1995, Funimation Entertainment began to produce English versions of Dragon Ball Z in America. The show was canceled after two years of airing due to the lack of popularity. Although in August of 1998, the company Funimation Entertainment had teamed up with, Ocean Productions dubbed the series on Cartoon Network. The series gained so much popularity, Funimation Entertainment began to produce the show once more, now by themselves. The series aired once more from 1999 until 2003 when the show finally ended.

[edit] Synopsis

Dragon Ball Z revolves around a powerful Saiyan man named Goku. It also involves his friends, the Z-Fighters, as well as his countless enemies.

When the series begins, the an alien race known as the Saiyans are about to invade and destroy Earth in order to sell it off to any buyers in outer space. The first Saiyan to invade is one called Raditz, who is learned to be Goku's brother. He is killed by Piccolo, who also kills Goku. After a year, the other two Saiyans, Vegeta and Nappa, arrive on Earth. These Saiyans are defeated by Goku with his Kaio-Ken and Kamehameha techniques that he learned by training with King Kai on King Kai's Planet while he was dead. In order to defeat them, he was revived through use of the Dragon Balls.

Later, the remaining Z-Fighters learn about a strong space tyrant known as Frieza, who acts as the overlord of space. His next target is Namek, Piccolo's home planet. Gohan, Bulma and Krillin travel to Namek in order to find the Namekian Dragon Balls, which are required to wish back the Z-Fighters that died during the battle with the Saiyans. While there, they encountered many strong groups, such as the Ginyu Force. Eventually, they were forced to become allies with Vegeta, their worst enemy at the time. Goku later showed up to assist them, and he defeated Frieza, who had killed all of the Namekians. However, the planet exploded, which left a large mystery on Earth for quite a while as to where Frieza and Goku were.

[edit] Sagas

Vegeta Saga Namek & Captain Ginyu Sagas Frieza Saga Garlic Jr., Trunks, & Android Sagas Imperfect & Perfect Cell Sagas Cell Games Saga Great Saiyaman & World Tournament Sagas Babidi & Majin Buu Sagas Fusion & Kid Buu Sagas
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