DB Episode 8 - The Kamehameha Wave

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[edit] Episode 8 - The Kamehameha Wave

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Japanese Name: The Turtle Hermit's Kamehameha

Goku and Chi-Chi arrive at the kame house and find Roshi, however chi-chi tests his reflexes and throws a blade at him, he doesn’t dodge it in time and it sticks in his head. To prove who he is he pulls out his hermit club card. Chi-Chi says sorry before removing her blade form his head. Roshi makes a deal with Goku in secret that he can have the Busho fan if he sets him up on a date with Bulma. However Roshi’s turtle reminds him that he threw it out. So Roshi decides he will put the fire out himself, the gang head off to fire mountain. When they arrive Roshi has a go at Ox-King for killing people and Ox-King asks for Roshi’s forgiveness. Roshi still persists trying to get a date and Bulma reluctantly agrees to one after the fire is out.

Roshi takes off most of his restricting attire and powers up, his body bulks to an enormous size, he then speaks the words KA-ME-HA-ME-HA as his releases a huge amount of ki at the castle. He puts the fire out but also destroys the castle. However Bulma finds the dragonball in the debris.

Roshi explains how it took him 50 years to master that technique, Goku learns it at an almost equal level within a minute, but sadly blows up their car. Ox-King gives them a new jet car as thanks for the job completion. Bulma blows off the deal with Roshi, much to his dismay. Goku and Chi-Chi say a sad goodbye before the gang sets off, with Yamcha and Puar in hot pursuit.

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