DB Episode 6 - Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls

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[edit] Episode 6 - Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls

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Japanese Name: Midnight Callers

Still searching for dragonballs in the desert, although now they have a camper van courtesy of capsule corp. While Goku is eating his way through any piece of food in sight Bulma decides to freshen up in the bathroom.

While this is going on Yamcha and Puar are watching from their hideout deciding how they are going to get the dragonballs from the trio in the camper.

Meanwhile Goku lets slip to Oolong what the dragonballs are and their vast power. Yamcha and Puar sneak up on the van but are hindered by the sight of Bulma in the bath which causes Yamcha to panic and run back to his hideout. After overhearing Goku shortly before when they were at the van Yamcha and Puar decide to steal the dragonballs to wish away Yamcha’s fear of girls. When they attempt to steal them it ends badly with the end result being kicked out by Bulma, meanwhile Shao and Mai failed to stick a bomb to the van and instead stuck it to themselves.

Hours later Goku wakes up and everything seems normal. After a comedic costume change by Bulma into a bunny suit they see Yamcha and Puar driving a car and Goku rushes out to fight Yamcha again. Also Pilaf’s minions finally get the bomb onto the van with just an hour to go before it blows up.

During the fight Yamcha get's a tooth knocked out and a big lump on his cheek which causes him to run off shouting he won’t get a date looking like this. Shao and Mai get caught in the van explosion when they are snooping for the dragonballs, but Bulma had taken them with her ealier. Yamcha lets them use a car as part of his plan to wait till they summon the dragon then cut in and make a quick wish.

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