DB Episode 5 - Yamcha the Desert Bandit

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[edit] Episode 5 - Yamcha the Desert Bandit

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Japanese Name: Yamcha, The Strong Yet Cruel Desert Bandit

With their new pal Oolong they set out towards the desert to find the sixth dragonball. However Oolong doesn’t want to go to the desert so tries to escape by changing to a fish and swimming away, but Bulma uses his greediness against him and uses money as bait; and he takes it. In the desert they decided to rest and Bulma falls asleep. Oolong is then attacked by a man named Yamcha and his sidekick Puar who has a score to settle with Oolong. Goku starts to fight Yamcha and knocks his tooth out causing Yamhcha to get angry at his newly decreased attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Bulma wakes up mid fight and scares Yamcha away as she falls in love with him but he is scared of beautiful girls.

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