DB Episode 2 - The Emperors Quest

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[edit] Episode 2 - The Emperor's Quest

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Japanese Name: What the...?! No Balls!

Goku and Bulma stop of at Bulma’s house where she explains a few of the modern inventions. Then Bulma washes Goku as he smells but then Goku afterwards insists on giving Bulma a bath too. When its dinner time Goku doesn’t fancy eating lots of vegetables so goes on the hunt for food.

Goku and Bulma, however, are not the only ones hunting for the dragonballs. An evil tyrant named Emporer Pilaf along with his sidekicks Shao and Mai have obtained one of the magical balls but still seek the other 6. Shao and Mai are sent to look for a dragonball rumoured to be in or near skull canyon.

As they fly in Goku thinks their plane is a bird so investigates, they try to shoo Goku away but a pack of wolves appear and start to attack. Goku dispatches of them easily however but in the confusion Mai and Shao have run away to the plane and try to fly off but Goku damages the plane in anger.

Goku then takes some wolves back to eat but Bulma is not impressed when he shows her his cooked wolf. The next morning the pair meets a turtle who can’t find his way home so they promise to help him find his way back.

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