DB Episode 1 - Secret of the Dragon Balls

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[edit] Episode 1 - Secret of the Dragon Balls

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Japanese Name: Bulma and Son Goku

We find Goku a young boy with super human abilities out and about doing chores. After going fishing he heads home, only to be crashed into by a girl named Bulma. Bulma notices he has a special ball in his possession of which she has already collected 2 similar ones. She tells Goku the legend of the dragonballs and how anyone who collects all seven of them can summon a dragon who will grant them any wish they desire. Bulma invites Goku to team up with her in her search for the dragonballs and Goku accepts. They then set off together on Bulma’s motorcycle but a Pterodactyl attacks Bulma so Goku fends off the menace and saves Bulma.

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