DB Episode 112 - King Piccolo's Wish

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[edit] Episode 112 - King Piccolo's Wish

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Japanese Name: Will Piccolo Daimao Become Young Again?!

Tien and Chao Zu watch on as Piccolo Daimao has summoned Shenlong. Faraway at the Kame House they see the sky has gotten dark and that all the Dragon Balls are together, meaning that someone has summoned Shenlong. But they can't tell whether Shenlong was summoned by Piccolo Daimao or Master Roshi...

Tien talks telepathically to Chao Zu and explains that he is unable to move, meaning he will have to make the wish before Piccolo Daimao does. But before Chao Zu can finish speaking their wish, Piccolo Daimao sees him and knocks him unconscious. Piccolo Daimao then requests from Shenlong that his youth be restored, the wish is granted but before Shenlong can disappear Piccolo Daimao kills him so that no one can ever be granted a wish again.

Goku notices that the Dragon Ball readings on the radar have vanished, and wonders what Piccolo Daimao could have wished for. In the distance, he and Yajirobe see the Korin Tower coming into view.

Now that Piccolo Daimao's youth has been restored he gives the orders to head to King Castle where the King of the World resides.

Meanwhile, the effects of the spray has worn off of Tien and swears vengeance on Piccolo for what he has done. But he knows that he isn't strong enough to beat Piccolo Daimao and wonders what he should do. He then remembers the Mafuba...

Pilaf requests from Piccolo Daimao his proposed share of the world for helping him. However, Piccolo Daimao just tells them to get lost as he has no further use for them and throws Pilaf, along with Mai and Shu, off their ship.

Yajirobe and Goku arrive at the bottom of Korin's Tower where they meet Upa and Bora.

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