DB Episode 109 - Goku Vs. King Piccolo

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[edit] Episode 109 - Goku Vs. King Piccolo

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Japanese Name: Son Goku Vs. Piccolo Daimao

Master Roshi locates a fifth Dragon Ball very close, and sees that two more are near each other further on. Tien is still thinking about the Mafuba, wanting to see it just once.

Meanwhile, Goku and Yajirobe spot Pilaf's ship hovering above them. After learning that Piccolo Daimao is aboard, Yajirobe becomes scared and hands over his Dragon Ball to Goku and makes a run for it. Piccolo Daimao leaves the ship and faces Goku himself, both boasting that they will kill the other. The two fight and it seems like Goku has the upperhand at first, until Piccolo Daimao powers up, unleashing his power so that it is difficult to Goku to move. Piccolo Daimao now goes on the offensive, brutally beating him and totally overwelming him. Goku tries the Kamehameha, which at first Piccolo Daimao was worried about, because he thought it was the Mafuba. However, once he realises it isn't the Mafuba he takes the blast head on without taking so much as a scratch.

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