DB Episode 108 - Goku's Revenge

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[edit] Episode 108 - Goku's Revenge

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Japanese Name: Piccolo Daimao Makes His Landing!!

Chao Zu picks up a reading on a Dragon Ball, and they think it belongs to whoever stole Goku's Dragon Ball. They head there, thinking maybe Goku will be there too if he is still alive.

Goku challenges Tambourine, and this time with a full belly he is able to do much better against him, knocking him unconscious briefly. Once Tambourine gets up he attacks again, seemingly vaporising Goku into nothing, but it turns out Goku just dodged incredibley fast. Seeing this, Tambourine tries to escape but Goku is able to engulf him with a Kamehameha. Like before, at that moment Piccolo Daimao senses that Tambourine has died. Piccolo Daimao tells Pilaf to land the ship where Tambourine was, saying he will deal with whoever killed Tambourine. Pilaf then notices that three Dragon Balls are collected together...

Tien, Chao Zu and Master Roshi close in on the location of another Dragon Ball and land the sky-car. Chao Zu remains in the car whilst Tien and Master Roshi investigate a cave where the Dragon Ball seems to be hidden and it doesn't take them long to find it, the six-star Dragon Ball. They head back to the car and fly off again and soon pick up another reading on the Dragon Radar. Master Roshi proposes that maybe they should wish for Piccolo Daimao's death as he is so powerful he doesn't believe they could beat him. Tien isn't happy with the method and wishes they could use the Mafuba instead.

Meanwhile Goku and Yajirobe are waiting for more bad guys to show up so that Yajirobe can eat whoever Goku beats. It's then that they notice just above them in the sky is Pilaf's ship.

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