DB Episode 103 - Tambourine Attacks!

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[edit] Episode 103 - Tambourine Attacks!

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Japanese Name: The Terror of Piccolo Daimao!!

Goku has caught up to Tambourine, realising he has found the one who killed Krillin. He challenges the demon but his attacks seem to do nothing as he used up all his energy at the tournament. Tambourine destroys Kinto-un, leaving Goku with no means to fly, or save himself from the fall back to the ground. He beats him and leaves Goku for dead, then heads back to Piccolo Daimao's ship.

Back at the Tenkai'ichi Budokai the others are waiting for Goku to return, but night has already fallen, leaving Master Roshi to fear the worst. They decide it's best to go back to the Kame House, at least to hold Krillin's memorial. Tien and Chao Zu join them too.

Meanwhile Tambourine has delivered the Dragon Ball to Piccolo Daimao. He also delivers the roster which lists combatants from the last 10 years. They put up all the posters, except for Krillin and Goku's as Tambourine boasts he already killed them. Piccolo Daimao then gives the order for all the other martial artists in the roster to be killed. However Pilaf and his two lackeys think maybe releasing someone has powerful as Piccolo Daimao into the world may not have been a wise idea...

Tambourine gets right to Piccolo Daimao's orders and begins exterminating all the martial artists one by one.

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