DBZ Episode 8 - Gohan Goes Bananas

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[edit] Episode 08: Gohan Goes Bananas!

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It's the middle of the night, and ChiChi is getting irate that Goku and Gohan haven't come back home yet. Krillin sneaks out and heads back to the Kame House. As morning arrives and Gohan wakes up, he's still upset about being stuck on the top of the mountain as Piccolo watches from afar.

Krillin arrives back at the Kame House and tells Master Roshi and Bulma that he didn't tell ChiChi about Goku and Gohan, and he also forgot to pick up the two Dragon Balls from their house. ChiChi and Ox-King are on their way over there, with ChiChi obvious furious that Goku didn't return home. Back at the Kame House Bulma has got the scouter they took from Raditz to work. While they are playing around with it, Yajirobe arrives telling them a message from Korin. The message being he wants Krillin, Yamcha, Tien and Chao Zu to head to Kami's Lookout for training, and also they shouldn't revive Goku to life for a year, as he will be training in the afterlife. Just as Yajirobe leaves, ChiChi and Ox-King arrive, it's then that Master Roshi explains to them finally what has happened to Goku and Gohan.

Night falls again, and Gohan is still stuck up the mountain, although on this night however the Moon is out and full. Gohan looks up at it, being the first time he ever saw a Full Moon. As he stares up at it, his body changes and he transforms into the Oozaru, giant ape form. Piccolo, who was nearby, can't believe what has happened or how strong he appears to be now. He then remembers Raditz saying something about Saiyans and the full moon, so he quickly destroys the moon. With no more light from the full moon, Gohan returns to normal, and Piccolo removes Gohan's tail, providing him with some new clothes and a sword too. Piccolo then leaves for good to do his own training for six months.

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