DBZ Episode 7 - Day 1

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[edit] Episode 07: Day 1

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Out in the wilderness Piccolo leaves Gohan to fend for himself, telling him that all he needs to do for training right now is to survive the next six months alone. Up above the Earth, Kami is watching what is going on, thinking something is something different about Piccolo. He mentions that usually when someone is killed by a demon, their spirit is unable to pass on and drifts aimlessly, but Raditz's spirit did indeed pass onto Hell. He also predicts that He and Piccolo only have another year to live.

Back in the wilderness, Gohan is trying to deal with the situation he has been thrown into, while Goku too, up in Heaven, is still traveling on the Snake Way, narrowly escaping falling into Hell.

Back the world of the living, Krillin is standing outside Goku's house, trying to figure out how to tell ChiChi that Goku has died and Gohan was taken by Piccolo. ChiChi and Ox-King invite Krillin inside, despite starying there, Krillin is unable to tell them what happened.

Elsewhere, Gohan is being chased by a huge dinosaur, and just as he is about to be eaten, his powers kick in and he teleports on top of a mountain. Gohan can't understand how he got on top of the mountain, and becomes even more distressed when he realises he can't get down either. Night falls and Gohan is still stuck up there, but out of no where two apples fall from the sky, although they turn out to be sour. As Gohan whines on about what other food he wishes he had, Piccolo ponders what an ungrateful brat he is.

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