DBZ Episode 3 - Unlikely Alliance

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[edit] Episode 03: Unlikely Alliance

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Japanese name: This is it! The World's Strongest Pair

Raditz insists that Goku kill 100 earthlings by tomorrow, threatening that if he doesn't he will kill Gohan. He then reveals that regardless of whether Goku chooses to join him or not, he will destroy Earth with the other Saiyans, so either way humans will die. Goku pleads for Raditz to leave Gohan out of it, but Raditz obviously refuses, then leaves with Gohan. Goku sits and thinks about what to do, and remembers that a Saiyan's weakness is their tail. Given their difference in strength, Goku reasons that grabbing Raditz's tail is the only way they stand to beat him. Just as Goku is about to leave to face Raditz, Piccolo appears and interupts them and tells them that he has also met Raditz. Piccolo tells Goku they should team up, because neither of them can beat him by themself, stating the other reason for teaming up as he doesn't want Raditz to destroy the Earth; because Piccolo intends to take over the Earth himself. Seeing no alternative, Goku agrees to team up with Piccolo, and they both head off after Raditz.

Meanwhile Gohan is causing bother for Raditz by crying loudly so he locks him up inside the Saiyan Spacepod he arrived on Earth in. While Raditz decides to search for some food, his scouter reads a high power level of 710 coming from Gohan, but he shrugs it off as a malfunction in the equipment. It's then that Goku and Piccolo arrive to face Raditz. He doesn't seem bothered at all at the prospect of fighting 2 at once, so charges them, displaying his great speed and boasting that he has plenty more skills to deal with them.

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