DBZ Episode 291 - Goku's Next Journey

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[edit] Episode 291 - Goku's Next Journey

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Japanese Name: To Become Stronger! Goku's Dream is to Surpass it!!

Uub is quickly growing stronger and stronger in his battle with Goku at the World Tournament. His rage is allowing the incredible power within to gradually flow out of Uub while he is fighting, something which all the spectators find quite incredible, even the other Z Fighters.

After a while, Goku tells Uub how impressed he is with his strength, and potential as a warrior. He apologises for the cruel remarks he said before, and reveals his reasons for saying what he did. He then offers Uub the chance to become his student, so he really can become a great fighter. Some of Goku’s friends and family are annoyed to say the least that he is about to take off out of the blue, but respect that that is just the way he is. With that, Goku and Uub fly off over the horizon to begin their training, as Dragonball Z comes to a close...

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