DBZ Episode 28 - Goku's Arrival

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[edit] Episode 28 - Goku's Arrival

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Japanese Name: Power of the Saiyans! Kami-sama and Piccolo Both Die

Nappa fires his deadly ki blast straight towards Gohan, but at the last moment Piccolo jumps in the way and takes the full force of the attack, saving Gohan. Piccolo collapses and tells Gohan to run. High above the Earth, Kami is dieing too as a result of Piccolo's injuries, he warns Popo that his life is about to end. Piccolo recalls the year he has spent training with Gohan and tells Gohan not to die.. he then dies as a result of his injuries. Gohan is filled with rage and fires off a blast straight at Nappa, who deflects it with little effort. Just as Nappa is about to go on the offensive, Goku finally arrives and learns what has happened to everyone whilst he has been gone. He ignores Nappa and Vegeta for the moment and shares the last senzu bean between Krillin and Gohan and tells them they should stay out of the fight. Far away at Kame House, Baba has arrived and agrees to let everyone watch the fighting through her Crystal Ball. They are glad to see Goku has arrived, but soon learn that Piccolo has died, and in turn they cannot summon Shenlong... Goku powers up to prepare to fight Nappa, despite the reading on Vegeta's scouter, Nappa doesn't seem too concerned and rushes Goku. However, Goku knocks him down with one kick which only succeeds in enraging Nappa further. He attacks Goku again, but cannot land a single hit, Vegeta begins to wonder how Goku's power could have increased so much since his fight with Raditz.

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