DBZ Episode 289 - Granddaughter Pan

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[edit] Episode 289 - Granddaughter Pan

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Japanese Name: Granpa Goku! I'm Pan!!!

It has now been 10 long years of peace since Kid Buu was vanquished, and there is another World Tournament on its way. Goku and Vegeta are eagerly awaiting the fighting competition, and are also forcing Goten and Trunks to enter, who have slacked off from their training during the last decade. Gohan will not be entering, as he settled down and is married to Videl. However, their daughter Pan can’t wait to compete!

Goku is a proud of his granddaughter’s early passion for martial arts, while her other grandfather, Hercule, is overly worried for his precious Pan’s safety in a World Tournament that this time will have no Junior Division. Vegeta is greatly curious when Goku reveals that there is going to be someone in particular competing at the Tournament who has an absolutely incredible level of power. Just who could this mysterious fighter be? And could a being not known about until now really be as much of a challenge as Goku claims?

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