DBZ Episode 282 - Old Buu Emerges

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[edit] Episode 282 - Old Buu Emerges

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Japanese Name: Don't tease Satan!! The original Majin Buu returns!!!

As Vegeta is about to be choked to death by Kid Buu, Hercule decides he can longer remain as a mere spectator, and distracts Buu so Vegeta can be freed. As the so-called Champ challenges Buu to fight him instead, at first it seems he is sending out a death wish. But for some strange reason, Kid Buu is unable to land any attacks on Hercule! Goku is baffled as he looks on, and believes there is something wrong with Buu, while Hercule merely thinks Buu has been “paralysed with fear” by sensing the Champ’s power!

But the true reason is eventually uncovered, when Kid Buu releases the fat Good Buu from inside of him, who was apparently holding back Kid Buu from causing harm to Hercule. The Good Buu eventually wakes up and prepares himself to fight against Kid Buu, much to Vegeta’s delight, as it will buy them more time. But then Goku reveals something is wrong, and the time he has been using to power up his strength is no longer working. With that, Goku changes back to his base form, and he and Vegeta must now think of a new plan to defeat Majin Buu...

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