DBZ Episode 27 - Nimbus Speed

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[edit] Episode 27 - Nimbus Speed

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Japanese Name: Leave it to Me! Gohan's Great Burst of Anger

Krillin charges Nappa, as per Piccolo's plan and whilst Nappa's attention is diverted, Piccolo grabs hold of Nappa's tail. Gohan then begins to charge Nappa but it seems that the tail weakness does not effect Nappa as it did Raditz. Vegeta then explains that the weakness doesn't effect all Saiyans and they have trained it off. With Piccolo unconscious from Nappa's attack, Nappa next attacks Gohan, presuming as he has Saiyan blood he might be able to put up a decent fight. Back at Kame House, ChiChi has kitted herself out with Lunch's machineguns, ready to fight the Saiyans. However, Ox King makes sure she doesn't leave the house. Krillin steps in when Nappa tries to attack Gohan and manages to hold him off for a while, even scratching his face with a Destructo-Disc. It would have killed him though, as Nappa intended to just take the attack head on, however Vegeta warned Nappa just before it hit. Nappa attacks violently after his face is scratched and is about to kill Krillin when Piccolo blasts his back. Just then, Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo sense Goku's ki is closing in, Vegeta confirms this with the scouter as he and Nappa cannot sense ki. Additionally, Vegeta is suprised by how much Goku's power has increased since he fought Raditz so orders Nappa to kill the three of them now incase it causes a problem for them later, even Piccolo. Vegeta explains that he remembers stories about Dragon Balls and assumes there must be some on the Planet Namek. Nappa begins his attack with Gohan and much to his suprise Gohan fights back, even enough to knock him down. Enraged by being knocked down, Nappa throws a blast at Gohan strong enough to kill, at the last moment before the blast is about to hit Gohan, Piccolo jumps in the way as a shield, taking the blast full on...

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