DBZ Episode 277 - End of Earth

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[edit] Episode 277 - End of Earth

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Japanese Name: Good Bye Earth!!! Buu fall's into evil...

Goku and Vegeta are confident of their chances of victory, now that Majin Buu has been transformed into a little kid. However, Kibito Kai has seen this form of Buu before. He finally explains the details to Old Kai, revealing that this “Kid Buu” is actually the original form that Bibidi created, which has no mind or conscious, and is basically an unstable, uncontrollable and pure evil killing machine.

He goes on to say that the Kid Buu had managed to journey to the World of the Kais all those years ago, and absorbed the South Supreme Kai and the Dai Kaioshin, and killed anyone else who got in his way. But absorbed these Kais actually resulted in making Buu much weaker, eventually reducing him to the jolly fat version of Buu that Babidi later resurrected.

Back on Earth, Kid Buu quickly displays just how deranged he is when he immediately attempts to blow up the Earth itself! Goku pleads Buu to stop, and Vegeta even tries to stop him by calling him a coward for not fighting them properly, but their efforts are in vein. Kid Buu fires a massive energy blast straight at the Earth so he may blow it to pieces. The Saiyans rush to escape, and Goku goes to save Dende and Hercule instead of trying to take his own sons along. Kibito Kai quickly Instant Translocates to Earth and back to rescue Goku, Vegeta, Hercule and Dende before the Earth explodes, but Vegeta is livid with Goku and his decision on who to save...

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