DBZ Episode 271 - Vegito... Downsized

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[edit] Episode 271 - Vegito... Downsized

Japanese Name: Buu's Favorite Technique!! Become Candy!!

As the clash between Vegito and Majin Buu continues, it is now completely obvious who is the superior warrior. Vegito carries on his assault on Buu without even breaking a sweat.

Vegito is very confident that the conclusion to the fight will go in his favour, and he will finally be able to rid the universe of the Majin Buu menace. But the pink powerhouse refuses to be beaten so easily, and decides to stick by his line of “it is not always the strongest warrior who wins the fight”. With that, he strikes Vegito with the energy attack of his antenna to reduce the Super Saiyan into a small piece of candy!

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