DBZ Episode 26 - Nappa's Rampage

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[edit] Episode 26 - Nappa's Rampage

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Japanese Name: An Intense Three-Hour Delay! The Kinto-un Bullet-Express

Everyone is waiting for the three hours Vegeta proposed, all hoping that Goku will arrive. Whilst they are talking, Piccolo tells Gohan to just leave for his cowardice, however Nappa doesn't allow this. Gohan tries to pluck up a little bravery and throws an insult at Nappa, which amuses Vegeta and annoys Nappa, nonetheless, Gohan decides to stay instead. They continue to wait, but Nappa becomes bored and decides to fly off and attack some news crews, the army and the navy that are nearby to amuse himself. He is disappointed with how weak the military is and with two more hours to go Nappa takes a look around the planet. Finally, Goku has reached the end of Snake Way, and there is now only one hour of Vegeta's proposed waiting time left. Kami-sama meets Goku at Yama's check-in station and takes him back to Earth, Goku rushes to the battleground on Kinto-un. However, on Earth the three hours are up and Nappa has returned ready to resume where to left off. Piccolo has a plan to grab Nappa's tail, knowing that the tail is a weak point for Saiyans. With their plan in place, Krillin is to begin by drawing Nappa's attention whilst Piccolo grabs the tail. Then Gohan is to attack with his full-power...

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