DBZ Episode 261 - Gotenks Is Awesome!

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[edit] Episode 261 - Gotenks Is Awesome!

Japanese Name: Have we Gone too Far??? Buu Buu Volleyball...

Gotenks begins to fight Majin Buu as a Super Saiyan 3, while Piccolo watches from the sidelines, and Goku, Supreme Kai and Kibito watch the battle via a crystal ball up on the World of the Kais. Both warriors decide to hold nothing back, and it even looks as if this fight could go in either fighter’s favour.

During their clash, Buu ends up completely destroying the Lookout, so Gotenks manages to think up yet another new technique on the spot to temporarily change Buu into a ball, so that he can spike him down to the Earth’s surface with all his might. Buu is injured, but survives to continue the fight. But surely, how long can Gotenks keep this up before his fusion splits?

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