DBZ Episode 25 - Sacrifice

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[edit] Episode 25 - Sacrifice

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Japanese Name: Tenshinhan Cries Out!! This is My Final Kikoho

Enraged by Chao Zu's efforts leading to nothing, Tien challenges Nappa but he can do nothing against the Saiyan. Piccolo suggests that he, Krillin and Gohan leave Tien and Nappa to it, incase they spot a good time to jump in when Nappa is busy. They wait and soon enough Nappa is ready to kill Tien, it's that moment when Krillin and Piccolo jump in and are able to catch him unaware. However, Gohan is too scared to carry out his part and ends up running off instead of attacking Nappa. With their chance missed, Nappa is able to escape with only a few minor injuries. High above Earth on Kami's Lookout, Kami senses that his death is near meaning that Piccolo is going to die. He urges Goku to hurry to Earth, who is still making his way down the Snake Way. Nappa turns his attention to Krillin and Piccolo and the pair split themselves into three, but even with six of them, Nappa manages to fend them all off with relative ease. Despite the seeming futility of it, Piccolo and Krillin resume their fight with Nappa, meanwhile Tien remembers the times he has spent with Chao Zu and has a vision of him apologising for not being of much help against Nappa. He makes the decision to try to avenge Chao Zu, and then join him by using his Kikoho technique against Nappa. The technique uses up all his energy but still Nappa is barely even injured, the technique is fatal so moments later Tien dies. Just as Nappa is about to resume the fight with Krillin and Piccolo, Vegeta stops him and asks them if Goku is infact the same person as Kakarotto. Once they learns that he is, Vegeta decides to wait for three hours for Goku to arrive, which Nappa reluctantly agrees to. As they wait, Piccolo berates Gohan for failing them earlier and becomes concerned by the fact that Nappa is afraid of Vegeta, meaning Vegeta must be incredibley powerful.

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