DBZ Episode 259 - Trapped In Forever

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[edit] Episode 259 - Trapped In Forever

Japanese Name: I Did It! The Ghosts Succeeded in Defeating Majin Buu

Gotenks’ latest technique, known as the “Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack”, is sent in to take on Majin Buu. Amazingly, it appears that these ghosts that Gotenks can generate explode when they are touched. Upon being stunned by the explosion of one of the Super Ghosts, Gotenks goes on to launch ten more to envelope Buu in a massive detonation.

Once the dust clears, only a few tiny traces of Majin Buu remain. Gotenks is already celebrating his victory, but Piccolo gives him orders to help him destroy ever last ounce of Buu to make sure his doesn’t regenerate. But even when their confident they have achieved this task, Buu is still able to regenerate back to his full splendour.

Again clouded by his cocky attitude, Gotenks pretends to Piccolo that he has completely run out of energy so that he can cause more impact when he comes to unleash his “true” power. Unfortunately, Piccolo takes Gotenks’ lie very seriously, and goes on to obliterate the door to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, trapping the three of them inside forever!

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