DBZ Episode 254 - The Evil of Men

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[edit] Episode 254 - The Evil of Men

Japanese Name: Run Away Satan! The Appearance of the Evil Majin Buu!!!

Angered beyond belief at the two bandits, Majin Buu is about to blow his top, when Hercule intervenes and knocks them out. He then discovers that the puppy is still alive, albeit just barely. Buu is therefore able to heal the puppy like he did before, and from there everything looks like it’s going to be okay.

Buu decides to name his puppy Bee, and plays with him while Hercule prepares their dinner. However, one of the bandits reappears and proceeds to shoot Hercule in an attempt to draw out Majin Buu. Seeing Hercule hurt, Buu’s inner rage begins to surface again. This time though, it is becoming too intense for him to control. Buu heals Hercule back to full health and orders him to take Bee and run as far away from there as possible.

After Hercule and Bee are safely out of the way, Buu suddenly erupts a huge mass of steam from his anger, which goes on to form a living breathing creature; Evil Buu: a manifestation of the pure evil that lay within Majin Buu. But with a battle seeming imminent, who will prevail when Good Buu goes head to head against Evil Buu?

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