DBZ Episode 253 - I Kill No More

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[edit] Episode 253 - I Kill No More

Japanese Name: I've Given up Killing! Majin Buu's Boy Scout Pledge!!!

As Hercule continues his agenda of pretending to be friends with Buu so that the pink pugilist will drop his guard, Buu goes out on another raid of blowing up cities. Buu however returns to the house with a puppy, and questions Hercule as to why it does not try to run away scared from him. Hercule explains that the puppy has an injured leg, so Buu proceeds to heal it.

But instead of now running away, the puppy acts friendly to Buu for saving him. Later when Hercule questions Buu about why he hurts people and causes destruction when he could instead do everyday things or play with his puppy, he is absolutely amazed when Buu agrees, and proclaims that he will never hurt anyone ever again! Hercule rejoices that he has saved the world without even having to throw a punch by convincing Buu to becoming a good guy.

But all good things must come to an end. Two crazed bandits, who are in the area, foolishly plan to try and kill Buu with their firearms – And when they arrive at Buu’s house, they shoot the defenceless puppy. Hercule is speechless, but Buu is utterly devastated. How will react now that his beloved puppy has been cruelly taken away from him?

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