DBZ Episode 250 - Out from the Broken Sword

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[edit] Episode 250 - Out from the Broken Sword

Japanese Name: This Can't be True! The Zed Sword Gets Broken...

As Gohan continues to train with the Z Sword up in the World of the Kais, Goku makes a decision to give him a real workout by throwing boulders at Gohan for him to destroy. Gohan easily accomplishes this task, so the Supreme Kai supplies Goku with a different object to throw; a huge cube made of the hardest known metal in the entire universe.

But to everyone’s dismay, when Gohan tries to break this cube, the Z Sword is instead snapped when it hits it! With the Z Sword destroyed, Supreme Kai is sure that their hopes of defeating Buu have been lost with it. But then something happens that no one could have predicted, and an aging ancestor of the Supreme Kai emerges from the broken blade! This Old Kai congratulates Gohan on setting him free, and agrees to give him some “real” training after Goku agrees to set him up with a kiss from Bulma in return! Gohan goes along with what the Old Kai tells him to do, but has second thoughts when he discovers this so-called training involves him standing still for five hours while the Old Kai dances around him! The procedure is said to awaken Gohan’s sleeping powers, but will it really work?

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