DBZ Episode 24 - The Power of Nappa

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[edit] Episode 24 - The Power of Nappa

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Japanese Name: Farewell, Ten-san! Chao Zu's Kamikaze Strategy

At Kame House Muten Roshi and Oolong are trying to console Bulma and Puar after Yamcha's death,Master Roshi reminds them that Yamcha's life can he restored with the Dragon Balls. Krillin launches his attack against the group of Saibamen, Nappa and Vegeta. In the process, three of the Saibamen are killed, but Nappa and Vegeta remain unharmed, even though they did not even block the blast as it hit them. The one Saibamen who survived attacks Gohan, but is stopped by Piccolo and killed too. Nappa offers to kill the rest himself which Vegeta agrees to, reminding him to not kill Piccolo as they need to ask him about the Dragon Balls. Nappa then begins his attack, once he has powered up he goes for Tien first, injuring enough that he loses half an arm. Just as Nappa is going to kill Tien, Chao Zu latchs onto Nappa's back and blows himself up in an attempt to kill Nappa. In the process, However, whilst Chao Zu died, Nappa survived and with no injuries either, except his Saiyajin armor. Tien dispairs at Chao Zu's death, knowing that Chao Zu cannot be revived as he has already been brought back to life once before, and the Dragonballs of earth can only revive someone once.

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