DBZ Episode 241 - Global Announcement

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[edit] Episode 241 - Global Announcement

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Japanese Name: Goten and Trunks! The Whole World's Ordered to find them...

Once back on the Lookout, Goku has to deliver the unfortunate news to the rest of his friends that Gohan and Vegeta have died at the hands of Majin Buu. Although they are obviously traumatised by the news, none of them are aware that Gohan is still alive. The Supreme Kai hardly has enough energy to walk after his brawl with Buu, but he is determined to rescue Gohan’s unconscious body, thinking to himself there could still be a way to destroy Buu if Gohan remains alive...Kibito meanwhile is puzzled as to how he was brought back to life, but immediately begins his search for Supreme Kai.

Elsewhere, Majin Buu is enjoying the sights of the cities, and upon growing hungry goes onto to invade a bakery and consume all the delicious cakes within! Later, Babidi uses his magic to communicate telepathically to the entire population of Earth, including the Z Fighters. Still holding a grudge against Piccolo, Goten and Trunks, Babidi sends out a warning that those three must show themselves to fight within five days or Majin Buu will destroy the planet. To prove his claims are serious, Majin Buu uses his own powers to change everyone in the city he’s at into candy and eating them! Will Goten and Trunks be able to master the Fusion Dance and become strong enough to beat Buu by then?

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