DBZ Episode 232 - Buu is Hatched

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[edit] Episode 232 - Buu is Hatched

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Japanese Name: I won't let you Be Reborn! The Kame-Hame-Ha to change fate!

As the outer shell of Majin Buu begins to break open, Gohan realises it’s now or never, and follows his father’s words by releasing his hidden powers and fighting the way he used to; with his feelings. Gohan thus unleashes all his energy into a series of Kamehameha Waves, in an attempt to obliterate the ball of Buu. However, the seal survives the onslaught of strength and finally opens! But when it does so, everyone is speechless when it is revealed that the shell is actually empty!

As Babidi agonises as to how his seemingly perfect plan could have gone so wrong, Supreme Kai raises belief that Buu may have simply weakened from his years in captivity, and Gohan merely destroyed him on the inside of the ball. Gohan on the other hand is not so sure, and is suddenly worried when it is revealed a mysterious large cloud of pink gas had emerged from the ball and is floating high in the sky above them. Sure enough, the gas merges together to form the very being of Majin Buu himself!

But rather than a huge terrifying monstrous demon as Gohan had pictured in his mind, Majin Buu is actually revealed as a fat, pink, infant-like creature with very childish behaviour. Could this individual truly be Babidi’s infamous galaxy destroyer of legend? Or could Supreme Kai’s hypothesis of Majin Buu weakening from years of captivity actually be true?

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