DBZ Episode 225 - Eighteen Unmasks

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[edit] Episode 225 - Eighteen Unmasks

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Japanese Name: The Kids are Strong! A Tough Fight for Number 18!

Hercule watches on in horror of the prospect of having to fight the winner of 18 and Mighty Mask’s epic battle. Goten and Trunks, disguised as Mighty Mask, eventually have trouble being able to keep up with a much more powerful opponent such as 18.

The two boys even try switching places inside the costume at one point, but ultimately decide they’ll have to become Super Saiyans in order to stand a chance of victory. But their transformations give the final clue to 18 to confirm who her real opponents are. Ripping the costume and exposing the boys, Goten and Trunks have no choice but to flee from the arena, while 18 prepares to go head to head against Hercule...

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