DBZ Episode 21 - Counting Down

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[edit] Episode 21: Counting Down

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Japanese Name: Come Forth, Shenlong! The Saiyans Finally Arrive on Earth

Only two days are left until the Saiyans arrive on Earth, and Goku is having his last day of training under King Kai. He practices a new technique he has been taught by King Kai - the Spirit Bomb. It's then that King Kai realises he forgot to take into account the time for Goku to head back down Snake's Way, he will now arrive a day later than the Saiyans will. Goku then uses King Kai's abilities to talk directly to Master Roshi, telling him that he needs to be restored to life now as the Saiyans are going to arrive tomorrow. He also adds that he will arrive there a little late.

Gohan is still training hard with Piccolo when they notice the sky get dark. Piccolo realises that this means Shenlong has been summoned, and in turn must mean that the Saiyans are due to arrive very soon. Shenlong is summoned and Oolong asks if Shenlong can get rid of the Saiyans on their way to Earth despite that the wish is supposed to be for Goku's life. However, this wish is beyond the dragon's power so they have Goku restored to life instead. With Goku's life restored he starts to head back down Snakes Way as fast as he can.

And so, the next day at 11:43 in the morning the two Saiyans finally arrive on Earth, landing in a busy city. Vegeta and Nappa leave their Spacepods, instantly all the Z Fighters sense their arrival from their enormous ki.

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