DBZ Episode 217 - Videl Is Crushed

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[edit] Episode 217 - Videl Is Crushed

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Japanese Name: No Mercy for Videl. Will the Anger Bring Super Gohan?

Spopovitch’s incredible endurance and dark, sinister strength continue to cause major problems for Videl. Upon revealing he has the ability to fly, Spopovitch later shows off that he can also fire energy waves. With Videl now too weak, beaten and exhausted to fight back, she is hit across the arena by an attack and it looks like she is going to land out of the ring at last. But Spopovitch rescues her and throws her back into the ring so he can continue to beat her up.

Gohan pleads with Videl to stay down to save herself more harm, but she refuses to give up, even though there is no way she is going to win. Eventually, Gohan is unable to control his rage and erupts as a Super Saiyan, preparing to jump into the ring and get revenge on Spopovitch. But then, Spopovitch’s companion Yamu orders he hit Videl out of the ring and finally put an end to the match. Spopovitch listens to Yamu’s instruction, and Gohan prepares to take Videl to the stadium’s hospital ward.

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