DBZ Episode 209 - Camera Shy

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[edit] Episode 209 - Camera Shy

Japanese name: Guard yourself against Camera Attacks

Videl makes Sharpener, a classmate of hers, jealous by going to the stadium with the Saiyaman, hand-in-hand. Sharpener vows to find out the secret identity of the Saiyaman. Goku meets #18 for the first time after she becomes good, and is surprised to find that she is Krillin's wife, and that they have a child. Hercule arrives on the scene, and starts his bragging routine. Piccolo, tired of his publicizing, blasts all the cameras, including the one which Sharpener had just used to take a picture of the Saiyaman without the glasses. Hercule then goes to the punching machine, and gets a score of 137. #18 barely taps it and gets a 775. The other Z fighters control themselves and get scores of around 200. Vegeta, tired of the punching game, punches the machine out of the building. Meanwhile, all of Sharpeners attempts to reveals the identity of the Saiyaman are foiled.

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