DBZ Episode 202 - Gohan's First Date

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[edit] Episode 202 - Gohan's First Date

Japanese name: Gohan's Mixed up First Date

Gohan goes to school in his costume, and lands behind the school. He changes back to his normal clothes, and sees a redhead on the roof, looking down. Later, the redhead confronts Gohan, and says that she would reveal his secret to everyone unless he took her out for a date. Chi chi gives permission, and Gohan goes out with her. He falls asleep in the movie theater, but apologizes and goes to a coffee shop with her. He sees a burning building, and changes into his costume. Videl also arrives at the scene, but is almost crushed by a water container which she tries to open, to put out the fire. Saiyaman saves her, and puts out the fire. Videl later sees Gohan leave the scene, and talks to him. The redhead arrived there, and, furious at them being together, says that she will reveal Gohans secret to everyone- Teddy bear underwear! Gohan is surprised, and finds out that she never knew about him being the Saiyaman.

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