DBZ Episode 199 - Goku vs. Pikkon

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[edit] Episode 199 - Goku vs. Pikkon

Japanese name: Goku vs. Paiku-han, the battle continues

The Kais are amazed by the power of the Super Saiyan. Goku and Pikkon start fighting again, and Pikkon uses his tornado attacks. They land on the floor, and Pikkon reveals his trump card, the Thunder Flash. Goku blocks it when Pikkon uses it the second time, and starts fighting once again at close range, both the fighter spiraling out of control. They land on the ceiling, and descend. Pikkon attempts to use his Thuder Flash, but Goku spots a weak point in the attack. He teleports behind Pikkon as he is charging the attack, and uses a Kamehameha on him, beating him. However, the Grand Kai proclaims that both of them are disqualified as they touched the ceiling. Many years later, on Earth, Gohan leaves for school on the Nimbus cloud.

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