DBZ Episode 194 - Free the Future

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[edit] Episode 194 - Free the Future

Japanese Name: I'll Protect the Future!!! Trunks eradicates No. 17, No. 18 and Cell.

Trunks returns to his own period of time, telling his mother about everything that happened while he was away. It isn’t soon after that however that news of the Androids rampaging again reaches Trunks, and he sets out to do battle with them. Android 17 and 18 are cocky at first, not knowing about the intense training Trunks did while he was in the past, and how much stronger he has become.

Upon turning into a Super Saiyan, Trunks destroys the two of them without breaking a sweat, and the world rejoices that the Android horror is finally over. But Trunks know too well that it isn’t over yet, and is eventually approached by the Cell of his timeline. A fight between them takes place, but Trunks has become far too powerful for this far weaker form of Cell to handle, who meets his match and is destroyed, allowing peace to finally be restored once and for all to Trunks’ timeline.

Meanwhile, back in the present and up on Snake Way, King Kai gives up attempts to build a house for himself, Goku, Bubbles and Gregory, but Goku tries to cheer him up and suggest they instead go on a journey…

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