DBZ Episode 176 - Losers Fight First

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[edit] Episode 176 - Losers Fight First

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Japanese Name: Here come's Satan's Army! Mr. Satan Gets Beat in one Hit...

From a flying helicopter in the skies about the Cell Games stadium jump Hercule’s two most powerful students Caroni and Piroski who eventually convince their master to let them fight Cell first. Caroni kicks off the very first battle, but Cell flicks him out of the ring just with his energy without moving a muscle, which he later does to Piroski as well when it is his turn to fight.

Hercule shows off his “strength” by destroying a bunch of tiles from a capsule, which only causes the Z Fighters to groan in embarrassment. It isn’t long before Hercule finally begins to fight, and assaults Cell with a furious array of flying punches which do not faze Cell in the slightest, even though the foolish news reporter just thinks Cell is too scared to move...Cell’s patience soon wares thin though and he hits Hercule to send him flying into a nearby mountainside! He then demands that the “real” tournament get underway, as thus Goku enters the ring...

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