DBZ Episode 174 - The Puzzle of General Tao

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[edit] Episode 174 - The Puzzle of General Tao

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Japanese Name: Wisely snatching the Dragon Ball's, Mr. Satan shows his stuff

While nearing the end of his Dragonball search, Goku realises there are some at a mysterious building, to which he walks straight in. A mob boss within realises Goku has some of the Dragonballs he is looking for, but his numerous traps fail to stop the Saiyan.

General Tao, Goku’s childhood enemy who is working for the mob boss, hands Goku a small metal puzzle made up of three pieces, and say they will hand over their Dragonballs to him if he can separate the pieces before dawn. If he cannot, then Goku must hand over his Dragonballs to them. Goku agrees and starts on the puzzle straight away, and General Tao offers to take Goku’s jacket for him, knowing that the jacket is where Goku’s Dragonballs are kept...

General Tao and the boss race off as fast as they can with Goku’s and their own Dragonballs, while our hero is having difficulty solving the puzzle, even though he refuses to cheat. Luckily though he manages to complete the puzzle before dawn, and Instant Translocates to General Tao’s location to claim all the Dragonballs.

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