DBZ Episode 172 - A New Guardian

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[edit] Episode 172 - A New Guardian

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Japanese Name: Find the Kami-sama! Son Goku, the great instantaneous teleportation

Goku, Gohan and Chi-Chi go for a family drive, but are devastated when they hear over the car radio that the militaries have gone in to attack Cell, only for the monster to destroy all of them.

Goku remembers how Piccolo’s fusion with Kami had ended the existence of the Dragonballs, but a new set must be created so that all the lives Cell has taken may be brought back to life. He uses Instant Translocation to travel to King Kai’s planet, and from there arrives on the new Planet Namek, so he may ask a Namekian to come back to Earth with him to become the planet’s new guardian...

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